Public Relations.

Expertise of 18 years

Raka Reputation Management Services Pvt. Ltd.  – Public Relations Solutions

The experience of 17 years as Prana PR Pvt. Ltd. forms the backbone of our PR solutions. While we gained more acclaim for our work on products from banking and financial services sector, Raka Reputation Management Services Pvt. Ltd. comes with an experience of 200+ brands across manufacturing, IT, real estate, hospitality, healthcare, education, NGO, lifestyle, eCommerce, agriculture, etc sectors. We have also handled PR for over 25 trade fairs besides 200 IPOs, banks, mutual funds, investment banks, stockbroking houses and market regulators.

Holistic View

Consider all options available and recommend a precise role that PR would play in the process. Our experience pool brings in a 360o communications spectrum, thus ensuring a precise, scientific and aggressive approach in our work as a single-window offering.

Client at the Centre

The Reputation of every organisation is that vital, life-sustaining positive energy that gives it a unique identity and image. Our systems that ensure that the Client & their Reputation is central to everything that we do.


Our ethos has helped us create an organisation that is nimble and responsive to the ever-changing external environment. We add tremendous value through advisory and communication solutions that are strategic, timely and comprehensive.[gap

We have been successfully delivering measurable, focused and timely solutions for concept promotion, issue management and crisis management & the same has been acknowledged by our clients, peers and other stakeholders.

Financial Communications

We know what influences a consumer in her decision to secure the financial future. Our repertoire is vast. Our experiences include a company keen to influence a homemaker for home finance to a Private Equity fund house keen on partnering with companies for their growth capital. We help our clients navigate the constraints of a highly regulated environment and communicate successfully for their offerings. We have been among the top three in the league, consistently for the past five years.

Investor Relations

Investor relations aimed at enhancing shareholder value is a multi-faceted and sustained activity. Not only the facts and figures supporting the argument of a ‘great Company to invest’ are to be presented tailor-made to each stakeholder, but also the Company needs to demonstrate the attitude of the promoters towards the minority shareholders. All tools that are needed to build stronger shareholder confidence are used towards building trust on the Company and its management.

Concept Marketing PR

A newer concept, whether in consumer benefit, delivery mechanism or pricing model brings out the best in us. We thrive on delivering results that our peers would find difficult to achieve. We love challenges that are unique and compel us to think out of the box. As the world reinvents itself almost every day, the ability of a Company to gets its newer concepts accepted by its consumer quickly is becoming the key reason to succeed.

Brand Communications PR

We understand the role that PR needs to play in building a brand. Brands that range from an FMCG product to a welfare scheme by the government. Our strategies are based on extensive consumer research, brand’s position in its lifecycle, competition, etc. We are very comfortable to play our role as a team member comprising of different partners responsible for diverse streams of communications.

Issues & Crisis Communications

Managing issues and crisis that threaten the reputation of enterprises is inherent to our service offering. We not only counsel on the actions required during adverse conditions, but also advise and mitigate issues that potentially hamper the growth trajectory. Besides, we work as a singular team with our clients in creating a more conducive environment for their growth. For us, each issue and crisis is unique and requires unique solutions.

The tools for managing Issues and Crisis Communications are varied. Depending on the nature of the Issue or Crisis, we would deploy media relations, employee relations, investor relations, government/regulator relations, customer relations or community relations strategies. Our perception management program may include a combination of techniques such as onground programs, media management and influencing through digital media.

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