Thirty four years ago, Raka Advertising & Marketing Pvt. Ltd. was born on a full moon night. Yes, Raka means the full moon. With basic human values at heart and dreams in eyes, the team at Raka Advertising then went spreading light through advertising on some of the best known brands. The history of Raka Advertising is full of instances with path breaking work on clients across diverse business verticals in India.

Prana PR Pvt. Ltd. was born on the first day of the twenty-first century. In the last seventeen years, it has grown with its clients, along with the segment itself. Over 200 brands from banks, financial services, real estate, hospitality, NGOs, technology startups, agro-based businesses, etc. have been serviced by Prana PR.

Both entities worked on a singular agenda:

Enhance our clients’ reputation

Enhancing reputations is far more complex now than ever before. The effort needed is more than the combined strengths of Advertising and Public Relations. Thanks to Active Media, the Internet and Social Media, the stakeholder now is not only more aware but also wants an instant redressal of her query.

The challenges in corporate governance today, are beyond just meeting compliance related issues. Good corporate governance practices are a prerequisite to any company’s reputation.

The Corporate world has a need that goes beyond Advertising or PR. They need a partner who provides comprehensive solutions.

Raka Reputation Management Services Pvt. Ltd. is a result of this new reality. We have combined our strengths in advertising & PR besides services that assist in your quest to corporate governance.

Our services basket is bigger but our agenda is still singular.

Enhance our client’s reputation

We are a fully integrated advertising agency with infrastructure for design, production and media. With INS Accreditation and 34 years experience of handling advertising communications across 15 business verticals including banking, financial services, IPOs, IT, healthcare, lifestyle, engineering, infrastructure, real estate,  trade fairs, etc. we are well equipped & well experienced.

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We have excelled in delivering PR services to the mid-size and SME size of companies. In 18 years, we have handled PR for over 200 brands across a wide range of business categories. Our smart work in public relations has assisted our clients in attaining their business goals at a rapid pace, faster than planned.

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We firmly believe that good corporate governance is a good business act. Working within a framework of regulations, business leaders need to drive their growth with a clear execution of the vision. We help CEO’s in every step to maximise corporate value, through a well planned approach, accounting for every key stakeholder.

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Crises are a part of doing business. We work closely with the business decision makers in forecasting, mitigating and solving crisis related to reputation. Our integrated approach and understanding of the stakeholder ecosystem in India, the Indian regulatory framework, cultural ethos and media functions, help us in drafting and implementing highly responsive, effective strategies.

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Doing good for the society is in the heart of every entrepreneur. It is important that the money and effort that an enterprise deploys makes meaningful and sustainable impact in the chosen areas of social change. We help you draft a short/long term policy of corporate social responsibility and invest resources effectively. Our recommendations always have the impact of doing good on the reputation of an enterprise as a strategic initiative.

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We are happy to work closely with external teams that are assigned different aspects of stakeholder relations and communications. For an enterprise, it is important that it presents itself in a manner that seamlessly, each stakeholder has a perception. Virtually acting as your corporate communications team, we add value by streamlining the process and saving costs.

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