Capability And Intent

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Poor common man. He is nourished by what is fed to him. Last week in India, our nationalism was nourished by news onslaught and social media chatter on the ‘Revenge’ attack by Indian Air Force to settle scores with allegedly Pakistan based JeM terrorists’ bombing at Pulwama in Jammu & Kashmir killing many paramilitary personnel.
On expected lines, Pakistan media tried to tell that Indian Air Force had missed the target. Some of the world media believed in them and have flashed stories accordingly. When US or Israel uses the same weapons for similar missions, it is believable. When a country like India does so, it is not believable. Strange. Inadvertently, it was confirmed that the attack did happen and that India can strike deep inside Pakistan territory. Well, retaliation attempt by Pakistan, a couple of days later, confirmed everything doubly. Countries across the world supported India at this hour. Even the ‘friends’ of Pakistan could not say much except an appeal to both India and Pakistan to exercise restraint. They also knew that India was right.
What is worrisome to perceive is that if indeed the targets were not fully destroyed, and terrorist outfits have their models intact, India will have a bloody summer this time. Election time is a weak spot in any democracy. While the government of the land unable to resist taking populist measures and the opposition trying not to get government go scot-free, it will be an opportune time for nuisance creators, such as terrorists, to muddle the waters further. A near god-send time for the Pakistan Army Generals to inflict some additional wounds to India through covert warfare using terrorists. The only community to suffer the most, in all this, would be Indian citizens, particularly from Jammu & Kashmir. The enemy wants this to happen.
This episode has taken the attention away our attention from several core issues. Haven’t heard many people currently talking about socio-economic issues.
As a country, India has been 100% successful in conveying its capability and intent to defend her borders. She needs to equally succeed in the internal wars on corruption, unemployment, liquidity, low consumer demand, low capital investments, farmers’ crisis, impending drought, education, healthcare, etc. Our efforts on such issues need to be continuous and relentless too.
What also matters is to improve the life of its citizens. Focus on issues that need focus. We are not Pakistan. We are India. One of the biggest economies of world. One of most populated nations. We need to grow faster. Our government has done well in recent past. We need to work better where we have not meet the success so far.
We need to defeat poverty with as much intent.