Politics and People. Decoupled?

The political drama at Karnataka has taken a decisive turn with BSY resigning. Atleast in a short run. It took Supreme Court to help store some sanity in an otherwise insane environment. Indeed, someone once said it so correctly. Politics is too important thing to be left to politicians!

Sitting yesterday at the Bengaluru Airport after an overnight trip, few memories of past couple of days rushed past the mind. It seems the common person does not care anymore about who governs them. Ofcourse,a handful of people did crowd around the TV sets at the airport to give a fleeting glance at the drama that was unfolding. For most ordinary faceless ones, it is important that the queues at the check-in need to be reduced, it is important to be with their families, it is important that the prices of essential items are kept under control, it is important that their child does well her school exams. She has realized that politicians do not determine what is good for her. She will succeed or fail despite the politicians. And am mentioning about the middle class only. For the very rich and the very poor, it never mattered anyway. Sad.

So, is the voter in India completely decoupled from the political theatre of the country? Guess so. The jury is still out whether it is good or bad. The good part is that the common person is at the driver’s seat of nation’s destiny. India will consume. India will spend. India will manufacture. And India will grow. Due to her faceless citizens and not because of political leadership!

A friend referred to the statement of Mr. Nilesh Shah, Managing Director, Kotak AMC on Indian economy. Mr. Shah mentions different examples such as a movie’s success, growth in sales of tractors, cars, cement, FMCG goods to prove that the India success story continues. He also mentioned that it took India over 70 years to be a $2.5 trillion economy. The country would add a similar amount in next 7-8 years.

Something, that I have also noticed on the streets of Bengaluru. People here seem quite oblivious about nation’s attention on their city for the near-constitutional crisis the State’s political leadership has created. They are going about their life as if nothing is happening around!

That leaves only one question unanswered. If politics is too important to be left at the mercy of politicians, then who should step forward and be counted? Or is it a unique dawn coming up on the horizon where politicians mind their business and people mind their own. Not necessary that the business is same. And the nation grows. Looks like a unique day is ahead of us.