Social Peace and Economic Development in India

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Let history dissect whether Ayodhya Verdict is fair to all or not. What it has done is that it has given peace a chance. Peace within society. Peace that will help us co-exist with fellow citizens. What is also credible is that this verdict has taught us the importance of having strong institutions. 5 wise men deciding on behalf of 1.3 billion on a contentious issue for decades if not centuries. The entire nation has hailed it as a just verdict. More, power to you, Indian judiciary. The Executive have also done its job well of maintaining law & order well. The Executive have shown similar resolve during the abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu & Kashmir too.

Perhaps the Ayodhya Verdict is viewed differently in different parts of the world according to their understanding of the problem or their self-interest on the issue. While some of them called it just an event in an ongoing tussle between Hindu and Muslim citizens, others have called it a landmark event in India’s shift towards Hindu majoritarian nation from being a secular nation while still others called the Verdict as Modi Government’s victory. None of this is true. What is true is that an independent judiciary has attempted to solve a contentious social issue through legal means. What is also true is that Ayodhya Verdict gives social peace a chance. The internal peace is a pre-requisite for national growth

Indeed, India must grow. And grow fast.

The world has witnessed many cases where internal peace played a role in economic and social growth. We also have other examples of societies growing economically when all its members have a common goal of nation building.

For India, social problems like poverty, healthcare, education, etc. need to be solved through economic growth. As a country, India’s strengths include a massive middle-class, a solid culture of enterprise, a rich history of 5000 years, abundant natural resources, cheaper labor, established institutions, young populace, etc. But she also has 1.3 billion mouths to feed, a recent history of imperialistic plunder and a very complex social structure laced with religious, caste, creed, linguistic barriers. As a nation, she needs to move resolutely to exploit her strengths and overcome the barriers. Towards this, the Ayodhya Verdict will help keep one challenge off our table. The verdict promises to bring in internal peace and harmony within society. The citizens can look forward to calmer social conditions to concentrate on economic growth.

Whatever be your views on the economic weakness possibly caused by poor choices by the political dispensation ruling India, its resolve and guts to stand by its political convictions and bull-doze its way through are unparalleled. Growth comes only after tough decisions.