Sushil Bahal

Sushil Bahal is among the most experienced communications professionals in India. With nearly 30 years of experience, he has been associated with over 200 brands in PR, over 50 brands in advertising and over 200 IPOs. He has been a Managing Director of Prana PR Pvt. Ltd. and Raka Advertising & Marketing Pvt. Ltd. – the entities that have been merged and combined services offered through Raka Reputation Management Services Pvt. Ltd. He has worked on clients from diverse sectors including banking financial services, manufacturing, real estate, healthcare, pharmaceutical, eCommerce, technology, agriculture, food processing, non-profit (NGOs), IPOs, trade fairs,  etc.

What sets Sushil apart is ability to offer integrated solutions in communications. His brain is wired to think communications and not advertising or PR or direct communications. A problem to resolve through communications is the beginning of process. Solution of that problem is the end. The means are just the means to solve a challenge.

With a firm belief in the credo of ‘doing the right thing’ and not just doing it right, Sushil’s advise to clients is based on a thorough understanding of India, communications processes and common sense.

Sushil is an Economics graduate with post graduation in Advertising & Public Relations.

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