Telling Your Corporate Story. With Impact

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PepsiCo is doing activations on TikTok for Indian consumers. All major advertisers are committing a sizeable chunk of their marketing budgets to digital marketing. We have today artificial intelligence, machine intelligence, and more. Telling your story was never more easier. Connecting to your stakeholders in an impactful manner was never easier than today. The moot question is: Are you doing it for your Company?

After reading about PepisCo’s initiative, I downloaded TikToc App out of sheer curiosity. It is all video in there. Young teenagers and their crazy expressions are all on a video. This generation wants to tell their story with full color and action. They want you to feel their emotions. Only story is no longer important, the story needs to be told impactfully. And it needs to be shared fast.

Clearly, Video is in.

To predict the future of corporate storytelling, ask yourself this question: How were the corporate thoughts expressed 30 years ago when powerpoint did not exist? Emotions, as ever, are important. We need devices to tell the story with all emotions. Ask a brand expert about the role of emotions in a story. If a bottle of colored sugary water can be sold as #harghoontmeinswag, then consumers can be won only by emotions. If so much of attention goes in marketing a product, then why should the Company making those products be marketed to investors in a staid manner through powerpoint? Surely, the numbers are there in balance sheets with full authenticity. Investors will definitely ask for the balance sheets once they like your corporate story.

Each Company has an impressive story to tell. The trick is to say it impactfully.

Typically, investors get dozens of such presentations every year. There are over 500 presentations uploaded on BSE and NSE sites every quarter. I am yet to meet one investor who does not make up his/her mind about the Company in first three minutes and stops going through the remaining presentation. In three minutes, a video can communicate on many more things. Also, thanks to the Social Media, one can now watch these videos through  phone while in one’s car, waiting for a meeting, at the airport, etc.

With the cost of data reducing by the day, it is only a matter of time that video will replace text as a format of communication. In a fast-moving era when time is of essence, the communication formats need to adjust too. Imagine reading the script of the movie ‘Avengers’ versus seeing the movie on Netflix!

Believable, fast and convenient and high emotion content will be the formula for success for all corporate communications in future. Your story needs to be told efficiently. Impactfully. To maximum stakeholders. In least amount of time.